On Feb 27th 2024, a group of concerned scientists and citizens delivered a petition of over five thousand signatures to the Nature Medicine office in New York City, demanding the retraction of ‘the proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2’ article by Andersen et al. (2020). 

To put it mildly, this paper published by Nature Medicine, is the mother of all scientific fraud in recent memory given the scale of the Covid pandemic damage which has resulted in ~25 million excess death. Authors’ private admission that lab leaked Covid was “so friggin likely” exposed the public lie as stated in their own article that they do not believe “any type of laboratory-based scenario is plausible.” This paper effectively shut down the lab leak hypothesis under the guise of ‘Science’ and ‘peer-review.’ Furthermore, it serves as the cornerstone of all other false claims about a natural Covid origin that came after in the last four years. Agencies and governments citing this fraudulent paper include the National Institute of Health (NIH), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Chinese Communist Party and the United States. Therefore, this ‘Proximal Origin’ paper must be retracted so we can set the record straight and allow science to regain its honesty and integrity. 

When confronted with the authors’ private admission which contrasted their public statements, the chief editor of Nature Medicine – Dr. Joao Monteiro, didn’t care to address the fraud. Instead, he now claims that the article wasn’t intended to be a research paper but merely an opinion letter

Because of this former research paper, now merely an opinion letter, the science media and mainstream outlets pushed the natural origin narrative as an authoritative discovery, while the lab leak theory was denigrated as a racist conspiracy and being anti-scientific. 

It is NOT racism to state that Wuhan labs had biosafety issues. It is not only a Chinese issue or an American issue but a worldwide concern as labs in Asia, America and Europe all have suffered countless lab accidents in recent decades. The real racism is to dispositively assert that COVID originated from the Wuhan seafood market based on known flawed data with the silent insinuation that maybe because uncivilized Chinese ate bat soups. 

It is NOT anti-scientific to demand a real investigate about the Covid origin that includes the lab leak possibility. Lab accidents happen more often than scientists and journalists care to acknowledge. The real anti-scientific conduct is to shut down the valid lab leak theory by labeling it as a conspiracy, based on a fraudulent paper such as the ‘Proximal Origin.’ 

Therefore, it is long past time for a retraction!