By Cai Xia

Recently, in the name of anti-corruption, the Xi administration has been removing all people in the medical sector with unclear or abnormal revenues. This is not an anti-corruption effort, rather, it is another act of destroying the Chinese elite. It is a totalitarian controlled campaign to mobilize citizens against the elite. The so-called opposition to corruption in the medical industry, utilizes malicious acts of power and violence and moral corruption to slander the technical elite of the medical industry and destroy China’s medical industry.

Widespread corruption and moral degradation starting within the Chinese government and leaking down into every Chinese industry has long been public knowledge. To rid the body of corruption, one must start with the totalitarian head.

To do this, first, the assets of officials must be publicly published and transparent, starting with the seven members of the Standing Committee. Second, government power must be constrained, democratic law must govern power, and there must be freedom of speech. Third, there must be judicial independence and enforcement of the law. However, the Xi administration has avoided mentioning China’s systemic issues and structural reforms. Instead, it has solely targeted people, taking them as hostages or making scapegoats out of them to preserve the totalitarian rule.

1. “20 Years of Re-examination” Investigations stem back 20 years to arbitrarily convict Chinese citizens of actions deemed illegal by today’s standards.

The CCP government has never invested enough money in national healthcare services. Even with the pitiful amount of money invested, 80% of the healthcare resources, including the best medical specialists, have been taken up by high-ranking CCP officials and old revolutionaries. The remaining 20% of the healthcare resources are used for more than 95% of the population.

The system and policy of “supporting doctors with medicines” (literally: drugs serving to nourish doctors) has been practiced by the Communist Party of China since the 1950s. Even after China’s Reform and Opening up, the rationale behind the national policy of “supporting doctors with medicines” has not changed. Hospitals rely on prescribing high-priced medicines to increase their revenue and maintain operations. The “reform” of the national healthcare system focused only on covering the minimum level of public healthcare coverage. Coupled with the influence of market competition, red packets and bribes have long been a way of compensating healthcare workers for their longstanding low wages.

The act to now remove the healthcare industry elite does not consider the historical factors, does not consider the responsibility that should be borne by the government and the system, but purely raises the knife to the healthcare workers. This is completely unjust.

2. Whistleblower-style snitching tears people apart destroying trust between people.

The CCP has turned our society into a war of man against man. It has become a hellish battlefield instead of a home where people can live and work in peace and happiness. This type of social norm invokes evil and obliterates good, only the most ruthless people can survive.

3. Instigating and encouraging relatives to expose each other destroys the nuclear family.

The tragic scenes of the Cultural Revolution, in which husbands and wives exposed each other and children exposed their parents often leading to persecution and death, are reappearing. Zhang Dazhong, the chairman of Beijing’s Dazhong Electrical Appliances Group, because of his youthful ignorance exposed his mother, Wang Peiying, as a counterrevolutionary during the Cultural Revolution resulting in her execution by firing squad. Now, when Zhang Dazhong talks about the incident he bursts into tears with deep remorse and a perpetual pain in his heart!

The current Xi Dynasty, regardless if it is towards government officials, police, military, medical personnel, the sports industry, film and television industry, education industry, financial industry, etc., adopts the “20 Years of Re-examination” policy. This policy encourages snitching, instigates friends and relatives to expose one another, and rewards reported spies with 500,000 RMB… Not to mention privately operated entrepreneurs being imprisoned one after another.

This policy places everyone as potential criminals with the perpetual risk of unpredictable disaster and imprisonment. These are all acts of the totalitarian regime to destroy our homeland, destroy our society, and destroy our nation. What the CCP does is devoid of all humanity and evil.

Take another look at the party, government, military, and police officials. They all cater to the dictator’s whims to save their own positions. The reclined and lazy government has no sense of responsibility and demonstrates ruthless indifference to the needs of the people. Even to the extent that almost no warning was given of the flooding of dozens of counties and cities in Hebei and the Northeast of the country. The true death count within these cities is not allowed to be disclosed, but it is truly a tragic and horrific sight.
It is difficult to put into words the evil of Xi’s totalitarian regime and its crimes are too numerous to mention.

Photo from: South China Morning Post

This article first appeared in Yibaochina on 08/14/2023

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