By Wei Wuji

Recently, the Japanese government had the country’s Fukushima nuclear power plant discharge some nuclear wastewater into the ocean, a legacy of the 2011 accident there, and the CCP then launched a new round of deceptive propaganda, fooling the Chinese people. In the process, officials deleted posts, banned accounts, took words out of context, and lied to the world — all kinds of methods that were unbearable to watch. People in free countries, if they have not lived in and experienced China, will find it hard to imagine that the CCP can act like this.

After sorting out each kind of misdirection and outright lie, we can summarize four truths that the CCP is trying to cover up about this incident.

Truth 1: If there is pollution, it is the United States that is the biggest victim

The CCP is trying to incite anti-Japanese sentiment by painting the Chinese people as victims of Fukushima nuclear wastewater. In fact, in February 2023, South Korea’s Institute of Ocean Science and Technology simulated the spread of any contaminated water. Their simulation shows that due to ocean currents, nuclear wastewater would reach the west coast of the United States before reaching South Korea.

Coincidentally, as early as 2021, Tsinghua University in China also conducted similar experiments. Chinese simulations also show that, in the long run, the United States would be more damaged than Shanghai, China, or Miyazaki, Japan. Taking the data for the 4000th day as an example, the concentration of pollutants in San Diego, a city on the west coast of the United States, would be three times that in Miyazaki and 40 times that in Shanghai. [Data source: Tsinghua University research team’s simulation results: the United States will be more affected by irradiated water than China later on_Tencent News (; link in Chinese]

Why? The reason is that Fukushima is located at the intersection of the northbound Kurashio and the southbound Oyashio currents. Most of the pollutants will not migrate north-south along the edge of nearby land, but spread eastward with the North Pacific warm current.

Put simply, the CCP escapes, and the United States is the biggest loser. Yet the United States remains calm, while the CCP is jumping up and down. Could it be that the emperor is not in a hurry to kill the eunuch?

Truth 2: Fukushima nuclear wastewater has after treatment reached safe drinking water standards

CCP media deliberately exaggerated matters, saying that the Fukushima nuclear wastewater contained radioactive elements such as cesium 137 and iodine 131. The outside world knows that this is spreading falsehoods and creating panic.

According to a BBC report, the International Atomic Energy Agency has assessed that the Fukushima nuclear wastewater uses a very advanced water-treatment system, and the treated wastewater is filtered to remove almost all radioactive elements. And for the only remaining radioactive substance, tritium, the target value is below 1500Bq/L. But in the World Health Organization (WHO) standard for safe drinking water, the maximum limit for tritium is 10000Bq/L. That is to say, in terms of radioactivity, the tritium element in the Fukushima nuclear wastewater is only 1/7 of the world standard for drinking water, and can thus be said to actually be cleaner than drinking water.

Truth 3: The discharge of Fukushima nuclear wastewater is being carried out under international supervision

Contrary to the CCP’s own black-box operations, the discharge of Fukushima nuclear wastewater is being conducted transparently and openly under strict international supervision.

First, the IAEA has previously set up a permanent office in Fukushima. IAEA staff will monitor and evaluate the discharge of wastewater on site, and will continue to publish real-time and near-real-time monitoring data from the discharge outlets, so as to use transparency and openness to offset any doubts by the outside world. The director general of the IAEA has stated that “the IAEA will continue to participate until the last drop (of treated water) is drained.”

In addition, South Korea and Taiwan are also monitoring radiation data in their contiguous waters. The South Korean government has stated that if Japan’s emissions do not meet the standards, it will immediately file a lawsuit with the International Court of Justice. The Japanese government has also promised that if the emission value is found to be abnormal, it will stop the emissions immediately.

Truth 4: China’s nuclear power plants pollute much more than Japan’s

The China Nuclear Energy Yearbook and reports by nuclear power plant operators contain information on the total amount of radioactive substances discharged from China’s nuclear power plants. The figure for the Zhejiang Qinshan No. 3 Nuclear Power Plant was 143 trillion becquerels in 2020, and that for the Guangdong Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant was 112 trillion becquerels in 2021. Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Plant discharged 102 trillion becquerels.

The total annual discharge of radioactive substances from the Fukushima nuclear power plant will be below 22 trillion becquerels.

In other words, the emissions of numerous individual nuclear power plants in China are more than five times those from Fukushima, Japan.

The revelation of this truth makes people understand what it means for the biggest sinner to cast the first stone. Although the CCP’s propaganda has deceived most of the people in China, the episode has allowed people in free societies to better understand the party’s fundamentally repulsive nature, as it has been struck by the stones it itself has cast.

  1. Why does the CCP want to cover up the truth?

Anyone with a little ability to think independently can see through the CCP’s consistently inferior propaganda. But why does it insist on happily trying to deceive the people and confuse the public? In summary, there are roughly three reasons:

  1. The CCP massacred students in Beijing in 1989, which meant the complete bankruptcy of communist ideology. Since then, it has picked up the banner of nationalism as its main means to fool and brainwash the people. As in George Orwell’s fable “Animal Farm,” totalitarian rulers need to shape and maintain an ever-present enemy in people’s minds, through constantly emphasizing the danger of the enemy, stressing the necessity of “unity and solidarity,” and forcing people to “temporarily endure” all the totalitarian rulers’ tyrannical actions.
  2. In recent years, the CCP has boasted that it has “strengthened our country,” through engaging in a trade war with the West, coupled with its three-year extreme blockade during the epidemic. It has cracked down on private entrepreneurs, and destroyed such industries as education and training. All kinds of perverse actions have pushed the economy to the brink. At present, ordinary people are generally pessimistic and disappointed, everywhere “lying down.” Now, inciting anti-Japanese sentiment and diverting domestic attention is the instinctive choice by the CCP to save itself in a desperate situation.
  3. Now, the West’s understanding of the CCP is becoming ever-clearer, and the global reaction of encircling and suppressing the CCP is gradually taking shape. A week before the Fukushima wastewater discharge, the leaders of the United States, Japan and South Korea held their first summit at Camp David in Maryland, USA, with the three parties establishing a closer relationship. U.S. officials have also said they are ready to institutionalize the summit, which will be held annually hereafter. Anyone with a discerning eye knows that this is a breakthrough moment in the anti-communist alliance. It is not difficult to understand the CCP becoming angry and hysterical in response, and using the Fukushima incident as a distraction.

Through its ignorant propaganda around the Fukushima nuclear wastewater incident, we can see the ruling logic of the CCP: any measures that it takes are aimed at maintaining its one-party dictatorship. But no matter how loudly it broadcasts its message, it is only used to fool the common people. And despite what the CCP claims, officials at all levels of the CCP, and their children, will one after another always end up running to Western countries.

No wonder netizens joke that Japan is full of nuclear waste water, and Japanese people are about to suffer mutations; the United States discriminates against Asians everywhere, and Asians are beaten when they go out, not to mention being shot; Canada is full of wildfires and displaced people; and strikes and riots are everywhere in Europe. Yet despite all this, Chinese officials are still scrambling to send their children and grandchildren abroad to suffer from such things. Are they not great?


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