By Lu Di

I wanted to write this article as early as June 14th. That day, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin declared that China has “sovereign rights” over the Taiwan Strait. He said, “There is no such thing as international waters in the international law of the sea. The relevant countries claim that the Taiwan Strait is considered international waters, intending to create an excuse to manipulate Taiwan-related issues and threaten China’s sovereignty and security. China firmly opposes this.”

But I, an old comrade who is loyal to the Party and patriotism, saw this solemn announcement and couldn’t help sighing: Oh, why does Xi Jinping, an idiot, like to roast himself on the fire so much?Since it is China’s territorial waters, once a foreign military aircraft or warship enters without
approval, it is an invasion and can only be driven away by force. If it cannot be driven away, it can only be shot down or sunk. This is the right of any sovereign country, and it is also the responsibility of the government to defend its territory. The Taiwan Strait is one of the important international waterways. You put it into the inland sea, and it is impossible for other countries’ warships and aircraft to not pass through. Isn’t this inviting others to violate their own sacred territorial waters and airspace? People really come, what should you do? Do you have the guts to break the international law that guarantees freedom of navigation and stop it resolutely? What if it
is intercepted and a war is provoked? If you don’t stop it, what’s the face? Isn’t this humiliating?

Sure enough, as soon as Wang Wenbin finished, on June 24, a US P-8A anti-submarine patrol aircraft flew over the Taiwan Strait. Communist planes tried to drive it away. After the two sides faced off in the air for 20 minutes, the communist army had to let the US plane pass. After the incident, the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command stated that the aircraft was “flying over the Taiwan Strait in international airspace.” The United States conducts operations in the Taiwan Strait in accordance with international law and safeguards the rights and freedom of navigation of all countries. “This aircraft’s passage through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the United States’ commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific region.”

If you have crossed through the air, you have to come again by sea. On July 19, the guided-missile destroyer USS Benford of the US Seventh Fleet passed through the Taiwan Strait. This time the communist army was more knowledgeable and did not make an interception gesture. Later, the
U.S. military stated that the ship passed through international waters in a manner consistent with international law and conducted a routine passage in the Taiwan Strait. The move is to defend “the rights of the seas, the freedom of the seas and the legitimate use of the seas under international law.”

Therefore, for no reason, Comrade Xi Jinping created two major incidents in which the US imperialists invaded China’s territorial waters and airspace in a short period of time. Both times, he was humiliated in front of the whole world. Why do you think this person is so fond of scratching shit and wiping his face?

I have repeatedly pointed out in my old books that stupidity is worse than evil. Mao Zedong brought unprecedented disaster to China, mainly out of stupidity rather than evil. So does Xi Jinping. These two active humiliations were entirely caused by his ignorance.

As we all know, this comrade has only attended elementary school, and that elementary school did not teach world geography (it was taught only in the second year of junior high school). Therefore, he has never heard of famous straits such as “The Strait of Gibraltar”, “Bosphorus Strait”, “Dardanelle Strait”, “Strait of Malacca”, and it is estimated that he has never even read the world map carefully in his life. If he has studied world geography, he should know that the Strait of Gibraltar is the only channel from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. The narrowest point is only 14 kilometers, and international law stipulates that the territorial sea is 12 nautical miles. Therefore, the strait is definitely considered the territorial waters of the United Kingdom (Gibraltar is a British overseas
territory), and at most it can only be divided between Gibraltar and Morocco on the other side. But until now, no one has come out in a daze and claimed that the Strait of Gibraltar is not an international waters, and the passage of warships and aircraft must be approved by Gibraltar and Morocco.

Why not the Straits of Malacca? The narrowest point in the southeast of the strait is only 2.8 kilometers, and its waters are definitely within the territorial waters of Malaysia on the north coast and Indonesia on the south coast. However, the two countries have not yet claimed sovereignty
over the strait.

According to Wang Wenbin’s logic (that is, Xi Jinping’s logic), the Bosphorus and Dardanelles are not international waters. The widest point of these two straits is only 6 kilometers, both sides are Turkish territory, and the Marmara Sea between the straits is completely Turkey’s inland sea.
However, Turkey cannot autonomously control the passage of ships in the strait at all, which is stipulated by the “Montreux Strait System Convention”. According to the convention, merchant ships of various countries and warships of countries along the Black Sea can pass freely, whether in
wartime or in peacetime. If Turkey is a neutral country during the war, warships of various countries cannot pass through those two straits. Only when Turkey is in the war, then do they have the right to decide whether to allow warships of other countries to pass. Shortly after the outbreak
of the war of aggression against Ukraine, the Ukrainian government invoked the convention and asked the Turkish government to prohibit Russian warships from entering the Black Sea through the two straits, and the Turkish government could only respond.

The lack of knowledge of geography and international law alone does not seem to be enough to explain Xi Jinping’s stupid move; his low intelligence is also one of the factors that cannot be ignored. Otherwise, how could he forget about the Tsugaru Strait? The strait is located between Japan’s Hokkaido and Honshu, and its narrowest point is less than 19 kilometers, and its waters absolutely belong to Japan’s territorial waters. However, on June 16, two days after Wang Wenbin made a solemn statement, an intelligence-gathering ship and a supply ship of the Chinese Navy
passed through the Tsugaru Strait. Chinese warships have passed through the strait many times before. In the Sino-Russian joint naval exercise last year, Chinese and Russian warships also passed through the strait on a large scale. Isn’t Xi Jinping the Chairman of the Military Commission? How could he not know which waterways his fleet passed through? It’s okay to have no culture and low intelligence. What’s more terrifying is the “negative education” he received. Xi Jinping graduated from elementary school in 1966. In the same year, when the Cultural Revolution broke out, Xi Jinping received more than two years of “street ruffian education” and thrived in the group fights with “Hutong Chuanzi” (the children of high-ranking
officials in Beijing at that time formed gangs, often with what they called “Hutong Chuanzi”. ”mass gang fights by the children of civilians), and was once arrested in the “study class for gangsters” in the juvenile detention center for further study. Because of the criminal record, in order to avoid trouble, he went to Shaanxi to join the queue in January 1969. After working there for nearly 7 years, he went through the back door to become a worker, peasant, and soldier student in the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University. In the words of the party at the time, his major was “government reform” (“Go to university, manage university, and reform
university with Mao Zedong Thought”)”. Young readers who do not know the “worker, peasant and soldier student” phrase can refer to the old movie “Break”, in which the qualification to go to “university” depends on one’s ability to write “Chairman Mao is our great teacher”. “Savior” [the
old movie “Break” (1975 version) full play – watermelon video (], in fact, all through the back door). After graduating, Xi Jinping did not return to Liangjiahe according to the regulations of “community to society” at that time, but went through the back door to become Geng Biao’s secretary, and he has been in politics since then.

From the above introduction, we can see that there are only two kinds of education Xi Jinping has really received: the ruffian fighting skills he learned as a teenager, and the official power skills that he practiced throughout his life as an adult. Both are thick black education. The former has put a very distinct personal mark on his ruling style, especially the ruffian diplomacy under his leadership, which constitutes the most prominent difference between him and his predecessor.

I have written an article on President Xi’s brilliant diplomatic thought (I like the fruitful results of President Xi’s diplomatic thought – World Wide Readers Network Blog ( The first key point is to abandon the hypocritical “diplomatic etiquette” and “diplomatic rhetoric” of the
bourgeoisie, and make it the first priority of Chinese ambassadors to use ruffian words to insult the host country, while the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shoulders the responsibility. It has taken the responsibility of “humiliating” all Western countries that dare to
offend the great Han Tianwei, effectively transforming the foreign affairs department into a low-quality Chinese online forum.

Indeed, since the beginning of diplomacy, it is the first time that human beings have seen Chief Diplomat Yang Jiechi use triad language such as “Chinese people don’t eat this!” ” insulting Tsai Ing-wen; Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian poked the bloody threats of “five eyes, ten
eyes”. As for CCTV’s intensive use of foul language to insult Pompeo as a “scumbag”, not to mention saying that he is “like a rogue gambler with a red eye” and so on. What is the difference between today’s imperial court and the gangsters of the underworld? No wonder there are Little Pinks who have to cheer excitedly on the Internet: “I feel relieved to see the motherland so rogue!”

Even if Comrade Jiang Qing, who often calls himself “Old Mother”, is resurrected, I’m afraid he won’t be able to watch it, right? During the Cultural Revolution, slogans such as “smashing Liu Shaoqi’s dog’s head” were all the rage, and Comrade Jiang Qing also ordered such slogans to be
banned. It’s a pity that Comrade Xi Jinping failed to hear, let alone remember her instructions. He only remembered to “smash the dog’s head”. It is no wonder that his cultural study was mainly completed by reading big-character posters.

The most ridiculous thing is that President Xi actually regards the ruffian intimidation tactics used in the fight as an international trade-off. He would be stupid enough to start all the propaganda machines, to hype Pelosi’s “fleeing visit” (I couldn’t help laughing when I saw the word) Taiwan, to
make a statement, to intimidate, and to threaten. Hu Xijin even gave the US an ultimatum, threatening to shoot down Pelosi’s plane and sink the US aircraft carrier strike group. Zhao Lijian also officially endorsed these crazy remarks, claiming that the military will not sit idly by about Pelosi’s visit, and the Chinese side is ready to fight, “We will definitely take resolute and strong countermeasures to defend our sovereignty and territorial integrity. What measures, if she dares to go, let us wait and see.”

To be honest, after seeing these performances, I almost suspect that these people are actually “high-level blacks”, who seemingly support Xi Jinping, but are really just making his life difficult. Even idiots will think, if you can’t do it, how will you step down? Xi Jinping can’t be that stupid, right? What’s more, he is at the critical moment of seeking re-election, how can he still hope to provoke a war? The only rational explanation is that these people are all the legendary “anti-Xi forces” who deliberately put him there as a joke.

In fact, as early as July 19, Nicola Bier, the vice-president of the European Parliament, led a delegation to “visit” Taiwan. After landing, she not only specifically stated that she arrived in an official capacity, but she also made a statement: Europe and the island of Taiwan belong to the same “big family of democratic countries”, and the development of Taiwan and the development of Europe are complementary to each other. “We are witnessing a war in Europe, we do not want to see a war in Asia”, “Now is the time to resolutely defend Taiwan’s interests”, “We will not turn a blind eye to the threat China poses to Taiwan”, “It may be too late for Hong Kong, but we will not be too late for Taiwan”, and “China will have no room for aggression.” These words, any one of them, cannot be swallowed by the CCP. However, at that time Beijing did not enter a state of complete hysteria like this time. Why can’t Xi Jinping deal with Pelosi’s “visit” in a low-key manner
in a similar way? Could it be that there are so-called “anti-Xi forces” who are eager to go to war with the United States and cause war?

However, the premise of the above reasoning assumes that Xi Jinping has a normal mind. It is a pity that since Xi came to power, all the domestic and foreign affairs led by him have been difficult. In domestic affairs, companies such as the Internet, real estate, and education and training have been destroyed; the iron fist has wiped out all industries. The so-called “Wolf Warrior Diplomacy” only appeared after he came to power. Yang Jiechi, Wang Yi and others have performed normally before, and their fangs only grew after he came to power. If these people are really anti-Xi forces,
how can he still promote and reuse them?

His iron fist in controlling public opinion has not been seen since the reform. If the remarks of Hu Xijin and others really don’t satisfy him, can he actually make them shut up?

Therefore, it seems that Xi Jinping’s mind is really abnormal, and his experience during the Cultural Revolution made him take foul language as rhetoric, and take abuse and intimidation as heroic battles. The King of Chu had a slender waist, but Ye You died of starvation. Under the guidance of his upside-down view of shame and honor, a large number of “Wolf Warrior
Diplomats” who were able to insult and bully foreign countries came into being. Under the indulgence, countless domestic or wild national teachers either liked the news that Johnson was infected with the new crown, or laughed at the suffering of the Indian people with “China Ignition
vs India Ignition”, or cheered “Shoigu one.” God of War”, or celebrating the death of Shinzo Abe….All kinds of maddening performances that break apart human relations cuts China off from the civilized world.

The performances of the national teachers not only tarnished the image of the people of the country, but also gave others a hand. Jin Canrong’s “A win-win situation means China wins twice”is now well-known and has become an inevitable quote by Western media, who criticize China for violating fair trade rules. It is ridiculous that when overseas Chinese translated the disgusting remarks of domestic netizens into languages of various countries, the official media actually had the face to accuse the participants of the “Great Translation Movement” of “maliciously smearing China”! Are those bad words made up by translators? If the high and low ranking officials under Xi Jinping don’t use bad words to tarnish China’s international image and incite the xenophobia of the Chinese people, how could such shameful things appear on the Internet?

In fact, Hu Xijin has already confessed, “We are a special force defending China’s national interests.” His harsh words against the United States are a big game of the country, and this strategy has been successful: “At the beginning of last year, the media reported that Pompeo planned to visit
Taiwan before leaving office. Visiting Taiwan before leaving office may lead to war. The Taiwan Mainland Affairs Council responded nervously to the editorial that night, and the U.S. State Department responded to the editorial’s questions the next day, saying that Pompeo has no plans to
visit Asia before leaving office.

It almost worked this time too:

“This time against Pelosi, my words were the heaviest. My words became hot posts on Twitter, widely reported in the English-speaking world, and the White House and the Department of Defense persuaded Pelosi not to visit Taiwan at this time. It has also become one of the reasons why some mainstream public opinion and strategic scholars in the United States oppose Pelosi’s visit. This is the value of Hu’s heavy words.”

From these words, it is not difficult to see Xi Jinping’s grand strategy: using “special troops” like Hu Xijin to “speak heavy words”, hoping to scare Americans away. However, he does not consider the possibility of Americans not being frightened. Back then, when hooligans were fighting in the
streets of Beijing, they always said, “Shoot when it’s time to do it, and do it when it’s time to do it.”

At this point, I can’t help but feel embarrassed that Xi Jinping was too young to follow Zhou Enlai’s instructions.

In May 1967, there were leftist riots in Hong Kong. In August, instigated by the Central Cultural Revolution, rebels seized power in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On August 17, the British Hong Kong government ordered three leftist newspapers that were inciting the riots to cease publication.
On the afternoon of August 20, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an ultimatum to the British government. They ordered the Hong Kong and British authorities to lift the publication ban on three Hong Kong newspapers within 48 hours, and release 19 detained journalists stationed in Hong Kong, or the British government will be responsible for all
consequences. After the ultimatum expired on August 22, the British Hong Kong government ignored it. A large number of young revolutionary Red Guards rushed into the British agency, beat the British counselor in China and other personnel, and set fire to the agency. In the early morning
of the next day, Zhou Enlai urgently summoned representatives of the Foreign Affairs mouth rebel organization and angrily denounced the “revolutionary action”.

Remember how he said, “Ultimatums are not something that can be thrown randomly. Since the founding of the country, we have only ordered the Indian government once, asking them to immediately withdraw the outposts established on the Chinese side of the border between China and Sikkim (Sikkim had not been annexed by India at that time). As a result, they withdrew before the deadline. If they don’t withdraw, we are prepared to fight. If it’s just empty warnings and can’t follow the law, it will lose face internationally and damage our international image”. After that,
Zhou Enlai made a formal apology to the British side, and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded the restoration of the agency.

Two years later, during the Underground Reading Movement, I read Kissinger’s Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy. When I saw him say, “Threats will only work if they have the determination and ability to implement them, and the other party believes they will implement them”, I immediately remembered what Zhou Enlai said about giving an ultimatum. Obviously, Xiao Xi, who was only 14 years old at the time, failed to see or understand those words, so he had to rely on the false voice of Hu Xijin’s special forces to intimidate the US imperialists.

The question is, even sober Chinese people commented on the Internet, “The second generation of Red is still in the United States, what kind of war is there?” Do you think there is something wrong with this person’s intelligence? At least he must have heard of Pearl Harbor, right? I don’t know which of the people killed in the Pearl Harbor incident was as high as Pelosi?

Of course, according to Hua Chunying’s remarks on August 3, China did not make a fool of herself this time, and it was actually the US imperialists who humiliated themselves. Although “China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity” has been violated by the U.S. imperialists, “we will do what we say. As for the specific countermeasures, . . . and the ‘Taiwan independence’, forces will continue to feel it.”

Therefore, China’s ruthless move is still behind, “let’s wait and see.” Just please violate “China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity” so easily, okay? You are not ashamed, I am so embarrassed for you!

As early as 20 years ago, I have repeatedly advised our party not to use nationalism to incite the ignorant people to xenophobia, and even less harsh words to the outside world. It deprives oneself of room for improvement, creating a false image for others. It is delusional to say that “officials are
afraid of foreigners, and foreigners are afraid of the common people”. Help those who speak earnestly and those who listen to contempt. It seems that the stupid party is really hopeless.

This article first appeared in Yi Bao Chinese Version on 8/22/2022

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